The Town Museum of Sombor

Contemporary Art

The Gallery of the Contemporary Yugoslav art of the Town Museum of Sombor contains works of art collected at the exhibition “Artistic Autumn", initiated in 1961 by the director of the Town Museum at that time, the famous Yugoslav painter, Milan Konjović. The manifestation “Artistic Autumn” that was held every year, together with the Triennial of Yugoslav Drawing, held every third year, and individual exhibitions created by respected historians of art brought the most famous authors of the former Yugoslav together. The works of art purchased from those events (paintings, drawing, graphic works, a few sculptures and tapestries) comprise the present collection of the Town Museum in Sombor. The “Artistic Autumn” ceased to exist in 1995.

During the thirty–four years of existence of this manifestation, artistic works were collected, giving evidence of the development of fine arts in the former Yugoslavia: from sixties (informel and abstract painting, poetic, fantasy and works in the tradition of modern art), through the seventies (painting influenced by pop–art, conceptual art, geometric abstraction and hyperrealism), the eighties (painting of “renewed picture” influenced by new expressionism, postmodern collaging details from the tradition of classical and modern painting and ironic response to current events in the society and art) to the beginning of the nineties, when it became evident that the Yugoslav fine arts had taken two directions: followers of traditional painting and those who have accepted the changes brought about by the development of informatic systems.

The present choise of exhibits of the gallery represents one of possible choices from the collection consisting of about 500 works.