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The exhibition “Emancipation attempts: the eighties”

The exhibition “Emancipation attempts: the eighties — Radics Zoltán — Dragan Rakić — Dragan Pantić” will be opened on Thursday, 27 July at 8 pm at Trg Republike, the green plateau in front of the Sombor City Museum.

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The exhibition Emancipation attempts: the eighties — Radics ZoltánDragan RakićDragan Pantić displays the work and attitude towards reality of those three artists during the 80’s in Sombor, with the emphasis on their joint artistic action in 1984.

It was an attempt of a part of a younger generation at the time to attain the status of independent and creative personalities through examples of a newer artistic practice (mainly performances and other street artistic actions), to emancipate in the conditions of social and cultural stereotypes and conformism, in an equally supportive and limiting atmosphere, typical for the final decade prior to SFRY falling apart.

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, biographical, film and photo material that follows the most important achievements of those artists in the period from 1984 to 1988, with special emphasis on their informal group Alternativni provincijalni teatar Imago (АPTI, the Alternative provincial theater Imago). For the purposes of this exhibition, the artwork and documentation were borrowed from private property.

The author of the exhibition is Čedomir Janičić, museum advisor and art historian.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday, 27 July at 8 pm at Trg Republike, the green plateau in front of the Sombor City Museum.

Upon exhibition opening, we will step inside the museum yard where we will take you back to the eighties, with the music hits that marked that period. For a complete experience of the eighties, bring along something from that period.

See you in front of the Museum!

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Exhibition banner

Exhibition program

27 July at 8 pm, Trg Republike (in front of the Sombor City Museum)

The Opening (Again!)
Zoltán Radics, Homage to Us & You

27 July from 9 pm to 11 pm, the Sombor City Museum yard

The Eighties, a dress code party.

12 August at 12 nn, the Sombor City Museum

Discussion about the exhibition, exhibition author Čedomir Janičić, museum advisor and art historian and Zoltán Radics, artist.

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